Hot Girl Summer

S2 Episode 2: Hot Girl Summer

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It’s a great time to be alive in Minnesota! It’s the moment we’ve all be waiting for……. the temperature is rising and those lakes are looking mighty fine, summer has just arrived!

Summer is what makes living in Minnesota worth it. In the spring the harsh gray skies turn to a beautiful summer shade of blue. Those cold nights melt into warm summer air drawing everyone outside. Our summers don’t last long so we try to soak in every last drop before the crisp air of fall hits our faces.

You might be asking yourself “AJ what the heck is hot girl summer!?” Well I’m here to tell you hot girl summer means “just being you having fun in the sun. It’s turning up with friends, dancing awkwardly in your swimsuit (maybe that’s just me), driving the boat, learning to paddle board, and not giving a fuck about what other people are saying.”

Need some ideas for the best fun filled hot girl summer ever? You came to the right place, pull up a seat my friend!


When the temps start to rise I like to take my plate outside. Minnesota/Wisconsin is littered with outdoor dining venues that have options for everyone. Some of my favorites are:

  • Vino In the Valley – Maiden Rock WI
  • Vino Over the Valley – Arcadia WI
  • Together Farms – Mondovi WI
  • The Stone Barn – Nelson WI
  • Pleasant Grove Pizza Farm – Waseca MN
  • Red Barn Farm – Northfield MN

There is nothing like sitting out in the country at sunset with good food, good friends, and good wine. Let that country air soak into your soul and breathe in as you enjoy the view.


Lake life is the life for me. I will be spending as much time as I can down at our cabin this summer. 1. Because I got responsibilities, lifting a cabin is no easy feat. And 2. Lake Life! I am going to be purchasing a paddle board and will be learning how to stand up right on the water. I’m pretty sure I am going to fail five hundred million times but that is part of the fun. Once I’m done failing for the day you will find my ass in my chair soaking in that glorious sunshine!


My dad often says “you will never go dry in Wisconsin.”

He’s right, Wisconsin has some amazing wineries that you can tour and if that’s not your scene, the best part about Wisconsin is one cannot throw a rock without hitting a dive bar. Just make sure you stock up on spotted cow before you leave the state. Minnesota also has a plethora of wineries, breweries, distilleries, and my personal favorite cideries that you can visit, tour, taste and shop until your hearts content. Just make sure you do bubble gum bubble gum in my shoe prior to heading out to determine which lucky soul gets to be the sober cab. Drink wisely my friends.


Do you have that one friend who cannot stand to be dirty? Ya know the one who never has a hair out of place…. drag her ass camping, she will have a blast. Either that she will sit in the tent and sulk over her freshly chipped nail polish. Camp sites are cheap and it’s an easy getaway with friends. There is nothing like sitting out in the woods drinking hard cider while roasting marshmallows and listening to scary podcasts or projecting a movie on your tent. Just remember to bring your bug spray and to pickup your trash. Don’t be the asshole who leaves a messy campsite behind.


Summer is the perfect time for outdoor brunch, it’s even more fun if drag queens are involved. Brunch to early for your style then get together for a dinner under the stars. Call up your pals and head to the river. Rent some tubes (don’t forget the beer tube) and spend a lazy summer afternoon floating down the river. You could always try tubbing, but that just sounds like work to me. Stroll an art fair together. Head to the county fair, take a spin on the scrambler, share some cheese curds, and play the gold fish game. You could always head to the state fair too, but not with me, I don’t like the state fair.


Can’t afford to travel? Trying to save money? Our maybe groups aren’t your thing. Create a back yard oasis. Get yourself a fire table, a nice patio rug and some comfy chairs. Roast marshmallows while projecting a movie on the side of your house. Drink wine, make the drinks extra strong cause when you pour it yourself you don’t have to pay extra. Watch the sunset with your family. Invite a small group over for charcuterie and a game of pickup sticks. It’s your oasis so have fun, relax, and enjoy silently judging the people who walk by. Extra points if you spot a Fanny pack.

Whatever you do this summer I hope you soak in every drop and laugh so hard you have six pack abs by fall. Eat all the food, drink all the drinks, and create memories with the ones you love.


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