Hire AJ

AmandaJean lives a life full of adventure with a hefty side of tragedy. If you take her at face value you think “wow she is your typical bubbly and slightly awkward midwestern girl.” If you get past the pink glasses and cardigan you realize that she is wise beyond her years. That she has been through things that you yourself could never imagine enduring, let alone surviving. Yet, AJ has made a choice, a choice to not let the bad moments define her. Those moments, the unbearable raw moments broke her and allowed her to grow into the woman she is today.

“She had to break; so I could Shine”

Surviving is the easy part, living is where it gets messy. AJ has faced multiple medical complications, survived a Pulmonary Embolism and Stroke aka “her God Moments,” divorce, infant/pregnancy loss, the death of her fiancé Charlie, infertility, and so much more. Even with all of that tragedy AJ still has unwavering faith and believes in a brighter day. AJ is wise beyond her years and her message will allow your audience to flip their perspectives from “why me,” to “why not me?” When we flip our perspectives from victim to survivor, the energy shifts, and that’s when we start living the life that was patiently waiting for us.

Do you have a conference with an open speaker slot? Do you want to see all of this awkwardness in real life? Have a church group, community group, or just a group of friends who need a good cry!? Well AJ is your girl and she is now booking in person events.

Send event info to: bearwilltravel@gmail.com

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