{Holiday Gift Guide} Foodie BFF

I am the Foodie in this BFF equation. My kitchen is my happy place. I love to cook, grill, and bake. My Dad taught me how to grill, charcoal is the only way. And Ms. Dorothy my neighbor taught me how to bake and can. Yes I AJ know how to can. I haven’t canned anything in my adult life, but it’s go to know that I have that skill in my back pocket just in case we need it in the apocalypse. My Mom, she taught me how to cook. My cooking isn’t fancy, it’s a reflection of my country upbringing. We are meat and potatoes kind of people. Ya know hard working salt of the earth carb loving people.

Over the years I have amassed a collection of recipes, vintage Pyrex and kitchen gadgets that I use pretty frequently. I also have a collection of funny tea towels, oven mitts, and aprons with swear words. I am a sucker for the Pioneer Woman’s collection at Walmart, she is my spirit animal when it comes to whimsical floral patterns. Tongs? Little bowls?…… well I’ve got plenty and may be slightly addicted to them.

Did the thought of Pyrex, tiny bowls, and swearing aprons give you the sweats? Or did the thought of having to find the perfect gift for your foodie friend make your tummy turn? Well I am no expert shopper, but gift giving is my love language and I am here to help. Have no fear below are my top gift finds. Happy Shopping!


Pioneer Woman 2 Pack Slow Cooker
Pioneer Woman Cow Butter Dish


Tea Kettle
Sauté Pan


Rainbow Silverware

Blue Q ~ For that Bestie with an Attitude

Fuck Off Apron
Burrito Dish Towel
I’m Drunk Oven Mitt

Ingredients ~ so your Bestie can make you food when you come over for a visit!

Flavor God Seasonings
Lesley Elizabeth
Old Southern BBQ Store
Cheese Curd Capital

*Note: We were not compensated for this post nor are we affiliated with the retailers and products listed in our Holiday Guide. Product Photos are from their respected retailers websites.


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