The Dumpster Fire that was 2020

Grab your wine and come hang out with the ladies as they dish about the ups and downs of 2020. It was definitely a year to remember.

Episode 1 Dumpster Fire

Show Notes:

The ladies sat down to discuss the year that was…..2020. A year that neither of them will ever forget.

In January the ladies were motivated and after attending Oprah’s 2020 vision tour they were ready to become their healthiest selves. AJ got a gym membership and she actually used it too! Sherri was impressed by this achievement and talked AJ into an aquafit class aka water aerobics for old ladies. AJ learned that there are spots in the pool and if you take someone’s spot, she’ll cut you. AJ & Sherri still have no idea what they are doing in class because the music was too loud for their liking. So they just floundered around in the pool like lost fish.

February was all about the CRUISE!!!!!! Yes they went on their first bestie vacation that did not require a tent or bug spray. The ladies loved Key West & Cozumel. They spent their days laying out on the Carnival Victory’s pool deck. AJ may or may not have eaten way to much. Both ladies definitely drank to much. And there was an epic storm that AJ slept through while Sherri questioned her life decisions that night.

Covid! Covid! Covid! Covid! If you friend won’t buy you a 48 pack of toilet paper, then you need a new friend! Because friends don’t let friends go without toilet paper. AJ realized that Jay was possibly trying to knock her off by designating her as the gatherer who went into the stores as he stayed in the car. Sherri avoided the world and we all gained weight!

The summer wasn’t summer in minneapolis. Tensions were high after the George Floyd murder and riots. The ladies watched their beloved uptown burn on the news and donated food/water to help out the people that live in that area. Sherri went on vacation, AJ did too. And then they decided to go camping in southwest MN…. with the air mattress from hell! Sherri turned 36, which AJ reminded her that she’s 4 years closer to 40. Oh and…..AJ went through IVF and got two frozen embryos, we are so happy for her!

The fall brought a small bit of calm. Sherri lost weight (Yay) & AJ went to Yellowstone with her Dad. Then the debates happened and eventually Biden won!!!

Grab your wine and tune into the podcast to hear the full review of the dumpster fire that was 2020. We promise it will make you laugh.

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